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Mission statement or corporate propaganda?

February 13, 2013

Corporate vision, mission and value statements. Why do we roll our eyes when we hear these words? It’s because so many employees will tell you that in their company there’s no evidence that the culture, processes or leader behaviors are aligned with the mission. A mission statement has to be created in a way that motivates employees to drive towards something important, believable, relevant and achievable. It should meet the human need for relatedness and meaning. While it should be ambitious, the mission statement must accurately reflect a company’s culture. Processes that evolve into habits over time have to be designed to reinforce the mission. Further, employees and customers have to witness behaviors that support this mission every single day. Employees (humans) want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to feel connected and they want to do work that is significant. This is why a mission statement is important. It’s aspirational in nature. It sets the bar. It sets the tone. It informs everyone in the company of why their work is important. And, it influences what habits and behaviors are necessary to succeed. Anything less is just corporate propaganda.