Know where you’re going and what to leave behind.

I have to credit my daughter, Abigail, with this quote.  She was in high school and had just overcome some very difficult challenges.  I was truly impressed with her resilience and asked her how she made it through a dark time.  She said, “You have to know where you’re going and what to leave behind.”  I’ve never forgotten her words.  I think about them often, but only recently did I realize their power.  Stay focused on what’s important  (your goals, aspirations and dreams) and leave behind all of those things that pull you down (failures, negativity, fear, bad relationships).    Instead of starting each day responding to emails or putting out a fires,  wouldn’t it be healthier to take a moment and let go of things that are of no use and to fill your mind and set your intention on those things that will enrich your life.   Our minds have only so much room for information so maybe it’s time to create some space.   Emotions follow thoughts so wouldn’t we all be more effective and happier if we focused on where we’re headed instead of being held captive by where we’ve been?


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