Where’s the Director of Retention? What about an Employee Loyalty Program?

I work with many directors of recruiting and heads of talent acquisition; however, I’ve never actually had a client with the title director of retention or anything remotely similar. I’m not talking about the person who manages employee relations. I’m not talking about the head of organizational development or the new hire orientation coordinator. I’m talking about someone hired by the company to be sure that employees don’t walk out the door. After years of conducting focus groups, exit interviews and other research to understand employee attitudes and preferences, I hear the same thing. Employees leave because of the little things. For example, I had one talented professional tell me that he rescheduled his family vacation to work on a project and his supervisor never took the time to thank him either verbally or by way of a small token of appreciation. So he left. A $100 gift certificate and a thank you would have saved thousands of dollars in recruiting costs and lost productivity. Companies have created loyalty programs for their customers and yet, I’ve never actually seen a loyalty program for employees. Last week at the Omni, I came into my room to find a bottle of wine, cheese and fruit along with a note telling me how much they appreciate my repeat business. Why would I change hotels if I’m going to be treated this way? I don’t expect wine and cheese every visit, but I do appreciate being told that I matter. Anyone looking to hire a Director of Employee Loyalty? I’m in!

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